Adopt-A-Spot Program

Download Adopt-A-Spot Application

Download Adopt-A-Spot Possible Locations Pictures

The Beautification & Image Committee of the Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Dunn, invites you to Adopt-a-Spot!

  • Who: Any individual, family, church group or business may participate in the Adopt-A-Spot program.
  • What: Adopt-a-Spot is a clean-up/beautification program that encourages residents to work on improving their neighborhoods by cleaning littered curbs, sidewalks and vacant lots, cutting grass and high weeds, planting and maintaining flowers and other plant life.
  • Why: To encourage and promote a sense of community and pride in the City of Dunn and to improve the appearance and image of our City.
  • When: At least quarterly or as needed on the entire adopted “spot” (if a street, both sides of the street), designated by the participating individual or organization. The Adoptee must be willing to adopt the spot for a minimum of two years.

Choose your spot from predetermined locations below, or select your own location.

  • Where: All Adopt-a-Spot projects must be on public property.
  • How: Simply complete and return the Adopt-A-Spot form. Then organize your group and start cleaning and beautifying.

When You Adopt-A-Spot - The Chamber and City of Dunn will:

  • Publicly recognize you or your group with an attractive sign installed within your adoptive “spot”.
  • Provide garbage bags, gloves and safety vests – Call Samantha Wullenwaber (910) 230-3503 to order and pick up supplies.

All applicants for the Adopt-A-Spot program must be approved by the Beautification & Image Committee, prior to beginning cleanup and work. New plantings and any landscape changes must be submitted to the committee and approved in advance. If spots are not kept up by the adopting group, the sign will be removed and the spot will be made available for adopting by another group. Safety Guidelines (provided at approval) should be shared at each work session.

 For additional information, contact the Dunn Chamber of Commerce at (910) 892-4113.